Glenn Greenwald, and Journalism on Life-Support

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Sad day for journalism. Journalism, not ‘journalism,’ which the past couple of years, has been the far more accurate descriptor. Glenn Greenwald resigned from The Intercept. In fairness to Glenn, I don’t read him often, I don’t subscribe, and usually, a piece of his has to be brought to my attention. Not because I don’t like his style or have any problem with his leanings — as one friend stated today (so I’ll steal it, thanks, Jesse), he was an honest member of the left, and he was fair in his work. He had no problem, for the most part, pointing to scandal and wrongdoing no matter who was in the crosshairs. I’d like to think (and I’ll return to this shortly) that he’d’ve fit in with the Woodward and Bernstein of ‘All The President’s Men’ and Hunter S. Thompson at Rolling Stone back when Rolling Stone was something to be proud of, not embarrassed about. For those who don’t instantly get the refs, that’s high praise.

If you read his letter of resignation and the blistering column that accompanies it, it dismantles the evil powers-that-be that have, as they’ve done elsewhere at many once-fine publications, hijacked his baby. Lockstep-demanding leftists who have apparently violated his contract on multiple fronts, seeking to silence him like the fascists they are, over his Hunter Biden articles. In addition, he’s stated that they’ve also tried to pressure him into surrendering another protection of his contract — the right to publish his work elsewhere if The Intercept decides not to run it.

I can’t deny — I believe he deserves some of this. He had an idea. He’s written books. He’s an attorney. That he allowed these predators into the fold to the point they can, essentially, ignore his contract and shut him down, means he let them have too much. So much, in fact, that he feels betrayed and unable to fulfill his duty to readers. So much that now they have it all.

I’m sympathetic. I’ve been in this situation before. I don’t know how close he was personally to the people involved, so it may be he was betrayed by close personal friends as well. In which case, perhaps he should have chosen better. I recognize the blame I shoulder for getting into business with people who didn’t deserve my partnership. Ever since those first learning experiences, I’ve moved in such a way that even if I do bring in others, if it’s a project of mine that I don’t want anyone else to ever have the chance to wrest from me? I set up safeguards. And, I’ll only do business with people of impeccable character now. If I wouldn’t go down swinging with you in an alley? I may work with you, sure, but go into business? Not likely.

Back to Thompson. When I was growing up, I got a hold of a copy of Rolling Stone. Hunter S Thompson was in there. Soon, at a used book store, I found a slew of old RS and just bought the stack. I was always impressed that Stephen King thought enough of them as an outlet he used them in Firestarter. And, I read those mags cover-to-cover. I saw what non-mainstream journalism was first-hand, if a little late to the party. Unfortunately, the Stone became a hack publication, and without Thompson, you could see the powers-that-be slowly put a stranglehold on the truly independent writers who were doing important work. There’s no denying the mag always had a leftie-bent, but the stories they covered (and broke) and the approach they took made it fair. And, as I circle back around, it appears this is what happened at The Intercept. To cozy-up to the MSM (The NY Times, the WA Post, MSNBC, etc.) Glenn Greenwald’s writing has been targeted because it’s still fair — but it’s critical of Biden, and they don’t want any part of that, no matter what crimes Biden and his family may be guilty of. They’re so afraid; they want to force him not to release his findings anywhere. I think Glenn may now be seeing more clearly that it isn’t just MSNBC and CNN and Salon and HuffPo that are news outlets only in the loosest sense of the word, but media Gestapo, who have taken their playbook right from the leaders of the Third Reich. Got an enemy? Silence them. Don’t allow them the ability to voice an opinion contrary to what the Fuhrer wants shared. This is the prime weapon of Antifa. They regularly show up at events without permits, dressed in black, masked, with weapons and bullhorns, and try to shout down those with whom they disagree. You hold a free speech rally? Look who shows up to tell you free speech won’t be tolerated. According to Glenn Greenwald, that’s what’s happening behind the scenes at The Intercept.

And that? That is depressing as all get-out. Writers used to be proud of being an independent journalist. Now, they’re simply corporate mouthpieces for a hierarchy that seeks not to expand free expression, but to crush it. These puppet masters will marginalize you. They will (again, according to Glenn) not let you in the door, even with good work… if it doesn’t follow the party line. No one behind the curtain actually cares if they put a criminal into the White House, so long as it’s their criminal. These people don’t care about journalism or the truth or their staff, especially not you or me. They care about a buck and gaining more power and influence, the same as radical dictators. Tyrants? Always go after the media. They find an outlet they can use, then when they take over, it becomes their apparatus. Only what they want reported on gets covered. What once was journalism morphs into propaganda.

I feel bad because Glenn has always seemed like a nice guy and an ethical guy, and I don’t need people to agree with me on things to enjoy that type of person. Unlike leftists, I do tolerate diversity. And the exchange of ideas. In an echo chamber? You can’t exchange anything, and that’s what these fascists want. I heartily wish Glenn the best of luck on his new path. I’ll check in from time to time. Might throw some coin his way depending on what the options are. I hope the brand he’s built is strong enough for him to perhaps attract advertisers and investors both, and that he can protect his baby better this time around so there will be no repeat. Personally, I can’t stand militant leftists or righties. The people most invested in a one-party system where only one party ever wins aren’t interested in a democratic republic; they’re desperate for a tyrannical monarchy. Socialism breeds this. Marxism spreads those beliefs. Now that Glenn’s come face-to-face with it, not from republicans or FOX News or The Blaze, but from within? Hope he widens his range of targets.



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